Do Your Employees Need to Work Remote Due to Coronavirus Outbreak?

The new epidemic is causing companies to re-think how to keep their employees safe while still supporting their customers.

The CDC has advised against travel and encouraging to work from home if an option.

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How can my company survive?

If your phone system is still premise based, its time to move to cloud. 

The bloodline of any company that relies on contact with the customer is their phone and communication network. 

By having a healthy phone and communication system, you’ll ensure you’re maximizing your efficiency, which will get you more out of every customer you already have. 

Instead of trying to get more customers that will also be met with an inefficient communications system, maximize the vast network of customers you already have! 

You may have heard about Cloud and Unified Communications. Let iNet help you walk through the mucky water.

Here's how...

Our consultation will...


Ensure you’re not overpaying for your current services - with the speed of technological advancements, it can be commonplace to overpay for subpar, outdated services


Thoroughly inspect your communications infrastructure to make sure all hardware and physical components are up to speed and working as one optimal communications powerhouse


Reduce communication downtime by using emails, SMS alerts, Web Conferencing and phone calls to be used together instead of having them act completely separate

Comb through all current communication bills and PBX contracts - removing all hidden and unnecessary charges you didn’t even know were there

...And more!

The consultation will show you exactly what you need to do to maximize every aspect of the communications your brand does. 

The consultation will let you serve your current customers faster and more efficiently than ever before, it will give you a reputation of a brand that is a joy to work with, it will make attracting new customers easier, and will give your team a bevy of new tools to use while working together to tackle greater business goals. 

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